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15 months, 15 hours, 15 questions..

The content on this blog as at 21.11pm on Sunday 24th October 2010 has taken me approximately 15 hours to compile.  That is one hour for every month that John Lyon took to “investigate” the allegation that Nadine Dorries used her home in Woburn as her main one, claiming expenses for it as a second home.

Full Standards Committee report.

Having read the above report and the entries in Nadine Dorries’ blog, these are my 15 questions for John Lyon:

  1. Nadine Dorries claims her daughter Cassandra only attended school for up to 2 days per week. Did you see evidence backing this claim? A simple school report for the year would satisfy. Should the claim be correct, did you ask for or see a copy of their contract with the school to that effect? It is illegal to keep children from school without one.
  2. Nadine Dorries informed you that she wrote approximately 70% fiction in her blog to protect her constituents.  Did you check her blog to ensure this was the fact?  There are many photographs of Mid Beds constituents along with their names on the blog.
  3. Equally, Nadine Dorries claimed that she protected the privacy of her family on her blog, did you check this? There are photographs of her children on it.
  4. Did you check Nadine Dorries claim that she leaves her pets in Woburn under the care of a “house sitter” to avoid disturbing them? This would be a simple matter of asking the “sitter” for a formal statement including dates.
  5. Nadine Dorries claims to have paid the “house sitter” from her own purse, is there any evidence of this? Has this been declared for tax purposes by the alleged recipient?
  6. Did you view Nadine Dorries’ travel claims during your investigation? I believe a T2 form is filled in detailing travel expenses?
  7. Why are Nadine Dorries’ travel claims for 2009/2010 over SIX THOUSAND POUNDS less than for the preceding years?
  8. Why, if the house in Woburn was mostly unoccupied, did Nadine Dorries spend over £1000 of public money on gas for it during the period 19th March – 16th Jun 2009 ?  That is a huge bill in itself, let alone for a reasonably mild season.
  9. Did you speak to the Rev Stephen Nuth of St. Mary’s Church, Woburn as to Nadine Dorries attendance at church? A worthy witness?
  10. Again, owing to the fact Nadine Dorries stated to you that 70% of her blog is fictional, did you read her statement included in said blog to the Telegraph, regrding her second home arrangements?  It quite clearly gives the impression that Nadine Dorries and her children spend the vast proportion of their time in Woburn, not “somewhere else”.
  11. Did you ask Nadine Dorries to provide any utility bills for her “main home” to back her claim that the majority of her time is spent there?
  12. Was any evidence of “police reports” regarding safety and need for privacy offered or asked for?
  13. Being as she was listed as living in Mid Beds at the time of her nomination for the 2010 General Election, where was Nadine Dorries registered on the electoral roll?
  14. What is your response to Nadine Dorries statement of 23rd October 2010 ((following very negative publicity regarding her 70% fiction/ poetic license claim) that “every word written on my blog is absolutely true”
  15. Finally, given your role and the standards promised by your Parliament and expected by us, the voting public – did you actually investigate this complaint at all?


It seems the more I kept digging, the more evident it became that John Lyon did not.

***UPDATED 28TH OCT 2010..  This letter written by Nadine Dorries and published in the Beds on Sunday on the 6th June 2009 states categorically that she lives in the constituency with her daughter and goes to the Costswolds on occasional weekends.

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