Blog references – Constituency stays

*** This letter published in the Beds on Sunday on the 6th June 2009 clearly states that Nadine lives in Constituency with daughter and goes to Cotswolds on free weekends (of which there arent that many, will update calendar asap..
“Mock-Up Calendar”  made using these…
Daugher at Uni goes home at weekends. (home being?)  (9th Feb)
5th Feb in Bedfordshire, snowed in.. Thursday..
3rd Feb.. again in Bedfordshire – Tuesday
Sunday 29th March 2009.   Piece about family life when she got the job (what did she put as her address on nomination form?)
Sunday 22nd March, drove back through local deer park night before, the deer park being at Woburn Abbey.. (note: my local paper)
Monday 16th March, Dorries girls at her breakfast table
Friday 6th March at Cranfield, Bedfordshire.
4th March – says she lives in Bedfordshire
Monday 2nd March with pic from the Saturday in Bedford..  says that on the Friday a boyfriend came knocking. (daughter out with friends..)
Photograph of her girls.. posted Monday 20th april (protecting their privacy much?)
Sunday 19th April…local vicar Steve & his wife Carol popped round.. Rev Stephen Nuth of St Mary’s Woburn?
Friends traveling up motorway for lunch  Sunday 19th April (m1?)
Picks up Sam Coates from TA training (at Chicksands, Bedfordshire?)  Sat 18th April
Staying in constituency.. Monday 13th april  (girls with boyfriends for lunch in pub)
Back in constituency evening Sun 12th April
4pm Sun12th april.. lynham st annes with her mum
Sat 11th april.. with mother
On way to mothers.. at service station.
(above VERY much give impression she does not have house of her own near mothers)
Saturday 30th May goes to local on Woburn with neighbour.. hermit existence over the previous month which would imply she had stayed in Woburn during that time and is a regular sight usually..
Thursday 21st May –  daughter attended school “at other place” until Sept 2008 ( July surely)  (dishwasher bought, a luxury item for single woman?)
Sat 16th May..contradicts previous months.. says she goes back to Cotswolds at weekends. also, daughter starts school in Bedford Sept 2008
Says she spends term-time weekends in Woburn.. also that daughter attends a Bedford school so she must also mean weekdays, term-time too?
Sunday night 10th may in Bedfordshire
Saturday 9th May..arrived in Cotswolds.. where pics of horses were taken
Friday 5th June – In Constituency.
Thursday 4th June – In Constituency.
Saturday 13th June.. “my Saturday posts are always going to be local”
Friday31st July.. leaving for holiday the following day.
Tuesday 28th July.. still working in HOC &  visited a constituent.
Tuesday 21st July – says she is taking August off and will be away
Wed 1st July –  took Harlington train back from Westminster to const.
******* UPDATED ******
Tuesday 16th December – in Woburn, daughter going to school (Bedford)
Friday 12th December – in constituency
Friday 5th December – in constituency
Tuesday 18th November – says previous Friday spent in Const with pics.
Monday 10th Nov – at station (doesnt specify but day b4 in constituency)
Monday 10th October – was in Shefford (const) previous day
Friday 26th September – in constituency
Monday 22nd September – was in constituency on Saturday
Thursay 18th Sept – was in constituency the night before and states most of month has appointments there.
Tuesday 16th September 08 , in constituency talking to shopkeeper
Monday 8th September 08 – interesting bit about living in Bedfordshire, commuting to London
Constituency days / stays Fri 30th March 2007 says will be in Ampthill till Sunday “her home”.. woburn visits..duke of bedford 19th March 07!.aspx at home, looking for evening shoes post move.. very much reads as only havin one home! Tues 13th March 07 thurs 8th march – walked dogs early (leaves dogs in const)  monday 9th april (easter holiday) 07 1st april 07, evening in woburn going for indian daughter lives in const 26th oct 4th dec 07 *i catch flitwick trains all the time* 18th jan 08  const – tells school kids about abortion times!’s_Lounge.aspx neighbour john shayler Amptil 12th april 08 sat 5th april 08 harlington (pippa pa lives)
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