Personal Attacks…

Personal Attacks’s_PM’s_QT.aspx Dennis McShane in PMQs  December 13th 2006 Mayor of Bedford (called her rent-a-gob)  26th March 2007 called for Mayor of Bedford’s election prev friday 19th March 07 Frank Branson, Mayor of Bedford Thurs 15th March 07!!.aspx Jack Straw 1st March 07 (link to iain dale on him too)’s_more…Junior_Dr’s.aspx WOW..Patricia Hewitt, John Mann & asks for Mary Creagh to resign!  April 26th 2007 calls for beds police chief to resign & jaqui smith dig at Mayor of bedford 5th Nov 07 andrea hill  CO beds council 11th march 08 nick clegg unfaithful 6th april 08 gordon brown, smith and mayor? 2nd may 08 8th july 08 evan harris & john bercow 26th jan 09 “dr death” evan harris humphrey cushion/suecullen 30/09/2010  10th Oct 2010 Sue Cullen/humphreycushion 24th Oct 2010  Sue Cullen/humphreycushion, girlwithaonetrackmind, James Bunker  11th Nov 2010, calls for resignation of Aaron Porter 7th Jan 2011, published statements re Rachel Butler’s alcoholism.  3rd September 2011, Alice Thompson &  Peter Osborne  4th September 2011, Evan Harris
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